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Server Rules
Last revised: May 30, 2015 12:41 EST
Terms Of Service
By using this site or its services you are agreeing to this Terms of Service even if you have not read it or are unaware of changed.
Adreos Productions is a website created and written by Adreos. Its purpose is to showcase production works by Adreos. Some of these works include character information databases and other submitable areas which are provided for member use "as is". For the remainder of this terms of service Adreos Productions may be refered to by name or simply "the site."
Code of Conduct

All visitors and members of the site are expected to follow the following behavioral guidelines when posting content anywhere on Adreos Productions.

Guests and Members will refrain from posting the following
  1. Adult Content
  2. Profanity
  3. Spaming
  4. Attacks on other groups or individuals
  5. Confidential information
  6. Impersonate the Staff
  7. Any illegal activities
  8. Other content as deemed by the Site Staff
Adult Content
Adult Content is not permitted on the site, period.
This includes but is not limited to the following
  1. Depictions of acts of sex of any kind
  2. Graphic nudity
Profanity is allowed, but in moderation.

Forbidden spamming includes but is not limited to the following
  1. Unsolicitaed Advertising products or websites - You may post a link to your website in appropriate URL link boxes and your signature
  2. Random gibberish (Example: arigheaoigh)
  3. Typing the same message over
You will be warned first, and then banned for repeat problems.

Other spamming included
  1. Creating Multiple Accounts
  2. Posting multiple copies of the same content.
  3. Creating content soley for the sake of positng content.

Attacks on the other groups
The following is forbidden on the site, weather its directed to any person or group, living or dead.
  1. Racism
  2. Prejudice
  3. Threats
  4. Harrasement
This includes flaming

Confidential Information
Members and guest will refrain from posting confidential information, weather related to their self or another individual. This includes but is not limited to the following
  1. Passwords
  2. Credit card numbers
  3. Access Keys
  4. Registration Numbers
Members and guests may post the following only if it is information about themselves or with expressed permission from the person it is about.
  1. Phone numbers
  2. Addresses
  3. Real name
  4. E-mail
  5. Screennames
If such information is posted Adreos, Adreos Productions, and its staff cannot and will not take responsibilty for the consquenses of such actions.

Posting of confidential information will be removed and any necessary people and/or companies will be contacted. A ban will also be issued.

Impersonate the site staff
Members and guests may not impersonate the staff of the Adreos Productions as defined on the staff page.
Impersonating the site staff will result in a warning then a ban.

Illegal activities
The site is located in the United States and is subjected to all the laws of that area. Any posting or activities that involve breaking of laws will be removed and the authorities will be notified.

Other Content
Other content may be restricted and any posted content may be removed by the staff at anytime for any reason

All posting must be in English unless called for otherwise.

Members may use the following
  • 1337 speak (Example: /\/\`/ /\/4/\/\3 i5 = My Name is)
  • chat speak (Example: BRB = Be Right Back LOL = Laugh Out Loud
  • n00b speak (Example: OMG!!11 LOOOOLZ!!11 I roxxorz ur saxoorz = Oh my gosh! laugh out loud I rocks your socks
When using the above forms of writing your message should be clear and obvious. If the staff cannot understand what is written it will be deleted without notice.
The above writing may not be used in excess as deemed by the staff.
Membership is acquired by registering on the site. The registration link is located in the upper corner of the site. Members do not

Guests are regular visitors to the site. They are either people who have not registered or have not logged in. Guests have minimal posting power on the site, being restricted to the shoutbox certain sections of the forum. Guests may have to complete a CATCHPA challenge prior to posting any content. Guests who violate the Terms of Service may have their IP banned, preventing them from future activities on the site.

When a new account is registered it is put in validating status. A validating member has the same privillages as a guest with access to the PM system. A e-mail with a code is sent to the member's e-mail address and serves to activate full membership.

Accounts left in Validating Status for more then one month are automatically deleted.

Members are users who have registers on the site and are currently logged in. Members can post links in the shoutbox and submit content to the site. Members who violate the Terms of Service may have their posting abilities revoked or suspended. All members must be 13 years or older.

Moderators are members who have higher powers to aid the staff in enforcing the rules set forth by this Terms of Service.
Moderators are choosen at the staff's discretion.


Staff Members are the administrators of the site. They have unlimited posting privileges and moderation powers throughout the web site. They are unpaid volunteers who either run the site and/or create its products. Staff members are not above the Terms of Service.

Members may apply for one of the positions in staff through the staff application page when available.


Bots are automated programs that run on a website. Most bots are not allowed on the site except for the built in bot Koen. The bot Koen has special permissions on the site and act like a regular staff member.
Koen is identified in that its name, in all circumstances, comes in itallic text.

Banned Users
Members who have violated the Terms of Service have had their user account banned from the site. They are still able to view the site but can no longer post content. Guests who violate the Terms of Service will have their IP address banned from the site.
Do not speak up for banned users. They have been banned for a reason and communicating for them may result in administration against you.

If you feel you are unjustly banned then contact the staff and state your case.

Ban-Dodging is creating a new account when the first has been banned. This ban-dodging will land an instant ban on the new account.
Submission Policy
By submitting content to the site you agree that you either own the copyright for the content or have received permission to post it here. You must be a logged in member to submit content. All submitted content to the site must follow the code of conduct. All submitted content must be related to Sonic the Hedgehog or related characters unless staff permission otherwise has been obtained. By submitting content to the site you agree that Adreos Production has the right to publicly host said content on this website. Adreos Productions and its staff will not repost submitted content elsewhere on the Internet, that is it's creator's role. Adreos Productions provides no guarntees and is not responsible for any lost data or submitted content.
When using the Forum be sure to follow the basic guidlines
  • Keep on Topic - Please keep your posts relative to the topic and board you are posting in. If you want to talk about something new start a new topic.
  • Check the last post date - Before you post see how old the last post was. If it was over two weeks ago you may start a new topic.
  • Look before starting a new thread - Be sure to look for any existing topics that have posts more recent then two week for what you are talking about. You can use the Search page to find them.
  • Do not double post - Do not post twice in a row unless your last post is over a week old. Edit your last post instead.
Locked Topics
On occasion you may find a locked topic. These topics have been locked for various reasons, usually due to a TOS violation. Do not attempt to reopen that conversation without consulting a staff member first.

Sticky Topics
Sticky topics will appear at the top of a board and are not affected by page browsing. Topic are made sticky at the staff's descrition, do not ask to make your topic sticky.
The Adreos Production Chat system is an experimental system provided as is.

All chatroom posts are logged. If you have confiendntial information we recommand you use a personal messanger.

All official content on this site is copyright to its respective owners. See the Disclaimer section of this Terms of Service.

Members must own the copyright of their submitted content or have obtained permission to post it. Content found in violation of this will be removed without notification and action may be taken against your account.
Disclaimer and Legal
All content and services at Adreos Productions are provided as is without any sort of warantee or gaurantee.

Content and messages posted by the members and guests of this site do not reflect the opinions or views of the Adreoes, Adreos Productions, or its staff.

Adreos Productions and its staff are not responsible for content submitted to this site. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any submitted content. We are not responsible for the contents of any message posted on this site including messages containing copyrighted material or content some visitors may find offensive.

Adreos Productions and its staff are not responsible for any content or aspect of any site that is linked to at this site.

Do not be a vigilante of the rules. If you spot a violation that we have missed please alert the staff and let them handle it. Taking matters into your own hands may result in administrative action against you or your account.

This Terms of Service is subject to change at any time, for any reason, with or without notification.

Remember the spirit of the law here is more important then the letter. If you think you have found a technicallity to break a rule, you haven't.

Adreos Productions is a private website and membership and access may be revoked at any time for any reason.
*I agree to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy
By agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy you agree to abide by their rules on this website and server, whether you have read them or not.

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