Posted: Jun 30, 2018 4:02 AM
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Skill Animations
This plugin overrides many of the sprite displays for actors. You can control individually what skills chant, which swing weapons, and which ones guard.

  • Pick which skills have actors do specific animations.

    How to Use
    Once this plugin is applied you have to put the following in each of your skill's notes you want to have animations other then the basic default animation
    <weapon> - Any skill with this will have the actor swing their equipped weapon when using the skill, if they so have one.
    <chant> - Any skill with this will have the actor perform a chanting animation while waiting to excecute the skill
    <defend> - Any skill with this will have the actor brace and look defensive before and after executing the skill.

    Q: Why don't my normal attacks use weapons?
    A: You have to add <weapon> to the notes on the first skill to reapply weapon animations to attack

    Q: Why doesn't my character use the proper guard animation anymomre?
    A: You have to add <defend> to the notes for the second skill to reapply the defend animation to guard.

    Q: Why don't I see my characters on screen?
    A: You have to enable Side View battles first in the system tab of the database.

    Q: The enemies aren't animating, why?
    A: This plugin only effects actors.

    Q: Do I have to worry about using multiple tags on a skill?
    A: No. If a skill has <weapon> <defend> and <chant> the actor will chant, then swing their weapon, then defend themselves.
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