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Posted: Jun 29, 2018 2:59 AM
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TP Control
This plugin takes control of the TP of characters, and enemies. Switching it from a static number to a dynamic variable.
Optionally this plugin can also display TP on the various menu screens.


How to Use
Simply place the plugin in the plugins folder and set the parameters to set the global settings.
Add the meta tags to actors and enemies you wish to manually control.

Global Settings
These are all set from the plugin page and effect all characters.
Initial TP - This is the amount of TP characters have at level 1, where their TP starts.
TP Gained Per Level - Everytime a character levels up they will gain this much TP. (If this is set to 5 and a character is level 4 they will have leveled up 3 times and gained 15 TP)
Dynamic TP Gain Percent - This dynamically adjusts the amount of TP gained based on level. Its a percent. (at 0% this has no effect. At 100% the character will gain TP equal to their level. A Level 1 will gain 1 TP, a level 50 will gain 50 to their maximum TP)

TP Cap - What is the maximum TP any character can possibly gain

Important Note: Due to divide by zero problems this plug will set the minimum TP to 1 in all cases.

Individual Character Setting
These are set by placing the corresponding meta tag in the notes for that character. Global settings are overriden by these setup onto characters.
<tpintital:> - Sets the Initial TP for that character. This can also be put on enemies to control their maximum TP.
<tpgain:> - Sets the TP Gained Per Level for that character.
<tpdynamic:> - Sets the Dynamic TP Gain Percent for that character

Show on screens
The TP is never seen normally outside of battle. Or on the skills screen in battle. So these options will adjust the menus to display the TP on the menus. Due to the fact this may cause conflicts with menu plugins they can be disabled by inputting a 0 on their settings.

Examples of Use
Characters start with low TP but gain more as they level up.
Enemies can have larger, or smaller, TP pools to control how often they can use their powerful skills.

Q: My characters has more then a hundred TP but I can only add or subtract 100 at a time. How I change it more then 100 at a time?
A: This is a limitation of RPGMaker MV itself. You'll have to set a control variable to the amount you want and add or subtract that.

Q: Why can't I get the maximum TP to zero?
A: In many places the engine will try to divide the current TP by the maximum TP. If the maximum TP is zero this causes divide by zero errors.

Q: Why isn't the TP staying between battles?
A: You have to turn on the Preserve TP flag for characters you want to retain TP between battles.

Q: Why can't enemies have dynamic TP based on their level?
A: What level? All enemies are level zero internally.

Q: This plugin is interfering with my menu plugin, how do I stop that?
A: In the plugin settings put a zero in the parameters to disable this plugin's effect on the menu screens.

Q: Can I make a skill cost more then 100 TP?
A: At this time I do not know how to do that.

Q: Do I have to use the meta tags?
A: No. Any actor without the tags will default to the global settings. Any enemy without the <tpintial> tag will default to 100 for maximum TP.

Q: Why should I care if MP and TP are displayed?
A: If your skills only use one or the other you won't need it. But by default if a skill requires MP and TP RPGMaker MV will show MP and hide the TP.

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