Posted: Dec 31, 2019 6:39 AM
Hylian Shield
This is a wood carving of the Hylian Shield I made for my friend's birthday gift... back in Febuary.

Its carved from a single piece of wood with a jigsaw. Then I tapped it up with duct tape and screwed on the strap and handle. The bump on the back is a piece of cardboard used to make is softer on the arm.

Overall its actually very easy to use. Though its harder for me as I am use to holding shields with my other arm. (I'm left handed but the shield was made for my friend who is right handed).

This was my first time making such an intricate pattern with duct tape, I spent a few hours with my knife cutting them out properly.

Overall though I am VERY pleased with the result.

Photography by
Hylian Shield @ Nintendo

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