Posted: Dec 31, 2019 7:45 AM
My Terra Blade
It took me forever to craft it. no you can't have it, now you are going down Plantera!

I've played a lot of Terraria lately, I love the game. And this sword is one of my favorites. Its not the strongest, but its accurate and powerful. And there is something to say about something that takes a lot to make.

Feels good making art again, more to come soon! I have practiced a lot in my off time. Such as poses like what you see in this picture. It was an interesting task to make the blade, as I wasn't sure how to setup the materials. I ended up with a semi-reflective semi-glowy blade.

Made 100% with Blender (Cycles Render)
Terra Blade © Relogic
Adreos, Models, Art © ~Adreos
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