Its Cooking

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Posted: Dec 31, 2019 7:35 AM
Its Cooking
Arthur is crafting while the furnace cooks dinner. The dog smells the steak.

So, I was experimenting today in Cycles, and finally figured out how to turn off anti-aliasing on textures. Now normally anti aliasing is a very good thing. But when it comes to Minecraft textures, its not. To avoid having fuzy textures in my other works I've had to blow up the textures greatly each time, gets really annoying. Now though, now I can make cycles Minecraft renders quickly and easily.

And so I made a new crafting table and furnace models... cause I could.

You earn +2 geek points if you can guess what he's crafting

Made 100% with Blender (Cycles Render)
Minecraft © Mojang
Art © ~Adreos
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