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Created: Mar 02, 2018
Last Edited: Sep 26, 2020
Status: Public Display
Character Name:
Alan Lusion


Mobian Porcupine


Actual Age:

3' 5" (106 cm)

He's a blue mobian porcupine with a long quill of hair with small spikes (yellow on the top half and blue on the bottom half) across the back of the quill and azure eyes.
Clothing consists of yellow gloves with green long cuffs, light gray socks and black shoes.

Preplay History:
Entropy Orb's Story

Following the rise and fall of the Eggman Empire (the events of Sonic Forces), the United Federation's government decided to extend the reach of its military (mostly GUN), as well as empower it. It was decided that the only way to combat another conquest of that magnitude was by harnessing the power of the most powerful objects they knew about: the Chaos Emeralds.

However, because they couldn't just take the emeralds to research them (as doing so would cause more trouble than it would be worth), they decided to increase funding on research and development of chaos energy and other supernatural/ancient forces, as well as the give the researchers top secret information (including a replica of the Gizoid's code, rendered useless due to a lack of chaos energy) and objects of power (including confiscated Chaos Drives and recovered Phantom Ruby prototypes).

The goal was to create a new type of Chaos Emerald that contained the powers of all the objects mentioned above (though weakened) and could be mass produced, so that all of the people that work for the military could have at least one source of chaos energy to their name. This effort was called Project Entropy. In the end, however, only one was successfully manufactured (obviously the "Entropy Orb") before the project was cancelled.

The project was cancelled because 《ERROR: Information missing. This is bound to change.》

·Father: Robert Lusion, engineering technician, has experience with chaos energy research and development.

Supernatural Abilities:
He possesses no intrinsic supernatural abilities, all abilities of this category that he has are connected to Rhabdargent. This includes:
·Summoning Rhabdargent at his hands (if not within his grasp already). Only works if he knows where it is, and it takes about a minute.
·Spawning "illusions" (visions of objects/people/etc. that aren't actually there) that, while intangible, can use attacks derived of magic/chaos at the expense of more of Rhabdargent's energy.
·Spawing spheres of energy that are then send towards a certain direction, gradually getting faster. These can be charged for more power at the cost of more energy.
·Suspend moving objects in space for about a second, after which the target has none of the momentum it had. Works better for lighter objects; heavier objects are harder to stop.
·Augment the kinetic energy of nearby objects for a moment, causing them to get a burst of speed. Mostly uses it on himself to move faster (which apparently doesn't stop him from getting very exhausted).
·Absorbing chaos energy into the wand's orb for either usage, storage (after converting it into the artificial chaos energy that's stored in the orb) or to leave it to decay. He can also try to absorb other kinds of magical energy; it is harder to do so, and he cannot store it in the orb, so he has to use it until it runs out or until it decays.
·With enough energy, he can make living beings temporarily unable to use any sort of chaos or magical energies.

His main and (pretty much) only weapon is a silver colored scepter wand made of metal (nicknamed "Silver Hilt") with an azure-colored orb made out of an unknown gemstone possessing an undetermined amount of an artificial version of chaos energy (nicknamed "Entropy Orb") at the front tip and a spike at the back tip, altogether referred to as "Rhabdargent".
It is through Rhabdargent that he has access to his supernatural abilities, although he can only use so much until he has to wait for it to recharge itself, which it does constantly. He also can use Rhabdargent as a melee weapon, albeit without much professional ability. Due to the inner mechanisms of the orb (especifically the Gizoid's Link system), only Lusion can use the wand.

Species Information:
The half blue-half yellow spikes at the back of Lusion's hair function as actual quills (as in the ones you would see on a porcupine from Earth). This trait of his is uncommon among mobian porcupines, but isn't unheard of. He inherited these "spike quills" from his father.
Unlike the porcupines from Earth, the spike quills of mobian porcupines don't come out easily unless it's being willingly detached. After being detached, they take within 1-5 minutes to regrow; this usually depends on the subject's health condition. Those who have them can use them to attach and subsequentially detach themselves to surfaces (such as walls or ceilings) or use them as weapons. Some can even, after enough training, shoot them out of their body.

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