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Former Websites

As a web programmer I have developed a variety of websites over there years.
I have all of them uploaded here as examples of stuff I have created. along with some informations.

Please note all of these websites are discontinued and archieved. They do not represent current coding or design standards and are preserved for archieve purposes
  • Bluehog Gaming Studio

    Bluehog Gaming Studio was my second major site. I developed it over many years, it went through several revisions. It was my first site with an integrated login system, shoutbox, and forum. Some of its noteable old features were a fan character database, along with all the fan games I created as Bluehog.
  • Sublimity Gaming

    Sublimity Gaming was a Minecraft server. I didn't own the server, I just became a part of the staff on it. When I joined it has a generic run of the mill, downloadable forum. Early on I wrote and drafted a new website.

    This website included an integration with the minecraft server itself, allowing us to regulate in game items and econmy from the website.

    Unfortunatly the server closed abruptly, so none of the database was salvagable. The forum, shoutbox, and other entries on this copy are the ones from the offline version i had when i built the website.
  • TBA Studios

    Following Sublimity Gaming's closure I ran my own Minecraft server for a year. This website was written to go with it. It ran on much of the same system as Sublimity Gaming.

    This website was a complete overhaul and from scratch and from the ground up on my old websites, no old code redone, this was from scratch. Some of the features were a much smoother and more comprehensive messsage board, smoother user interface, and scriptless dropdown menus.

Active Websites

This websites were designed or built by me but are not owned or maintained by me. They are subject to change, go offline, or potentially disqualify from this list at anytime with or without warning

Not included are websites whose owners would rather not be mentioned
  • Infinitas RP Forum

    This website is developed for a role play group. Its simple modular forum software designed to be easily customizable.

Online Locations

These are the various sites, forums, and other places I can be found online.
Not included are old and unused locations
  • DeviantART - My DeviantArt Gallery.
  • Steam - My Steam Account, lots of workshop items
  • Infinitas RP - My infinitas RP forum profile, with links to my characters I use there
  • Youtube - My youtube channel. More videos to come here at some point."
  • RPG Maker Forum - My RPG Maker Forum Profile.
  • GameFAQs - My GameFAQs profile.
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