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Created: Aug 05, 2015
Last Edited: Aug 10, 2015
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Character Name:
Ariana the Echidna

Ari, Ari-Chan

Lunarian Nephalem Echidna (Half Darkenian Vampire)


Actual Age:

Phenotypical Age:

3' 3"


Eye Color: Crimson [right], Sapphire Blue [left] (turns crimson when angry or senses danger)
Hair Color: Crimson with Black dyed tips
Fur Color: Black with Crimson triangle markings on quills and Crimson stripes on arms and legs
Skin Color: Peach [pale/fair skin]

Play History:
The daughter of the Great Spirit of Light Luna and an Elemental Demon Lyon, Ariana the Echidna once lived and protected the Black-Star Temple alongside the other guardians until the it was attacked by Lorack and his forces; killing the people that were living inside the temple, leaving herself as one of the very few survivors. After Lorack was sealed into a different dimension, Ariana had started traveling alone across Lunar until she was reunited with her light fairy companion named Fairkari only for a strange portal to suddenly appear and sent them to the world of Mobius where their real adventures truly began.

After years of adventures with her new found friends and allies, Ariana is happily married to Chen the Hedgehog and currently has given birth to three children; the 6 year-old twins named Marie the Hedgechidna and Erick the Hedgehog and a 3 year-old daughter named Kireen the Hedgechidna. While the fight against Lorack and now the Metallic X is not yet over, Ariana will continue to protect her friends and family no matter the cost.

Mother = Luna the Echidna: the Great Spirit of Light
Father = Lyon the Elemental Demon Echidna [DEAD]
Brother = Cybor the Echidna
"Sister" = Sinthana the Demon
Adopted Sister = Shade the Hedgehog [DEAD]
Husband = Chen the Hedgehog
Son = Erick the Hedgehog
Daughter = Marie the Hedgechidna
Youngest Daughter = Kireen the Hedgechidna

Supernatural Abilities:
-Illusion Manipulation
-Angel Wing Manifestation
-Claw Retraction
-Healing Ability
-Super Speed

- Twin Swords called "Angel's Faith" and "Demon's Rage" (Later upgraded to "Angel's Oath" and "Demon's Wrath")
- Two Handed Sword called "the Blade of Sages"

From Electrokinesis;
- Lightning Crusher
[Signature Move] Charges electricity into her claws and releases a powerful blast when she strikes her opponent with a scratch.

- Thunder Jab
Charges the electricity into the fingertips then performs a high-speed electrical jabs at the enemy.

- Electric Blast
Release electricity over a specific target area, causing great damage.

- Electric Bolt
Projects electric energy bolts to attack enemies from long distance.

- Electricity Infusion
Empowers and energizes a weapon or other objects with electricity.

- Electric Beam
Projects a beam of electricity to attack.

- Electrocution

- Electric Aura
Able to surround oneself in electricity.

- Electrified Surface
Cause surfaces to emit electricity.

- Electricity Absorption
Able to absorb electricity and to temporarily use it as a power source.

- Super Form: Overload Ariana
If she absorbs a great amount of electricity, she is able to temporarily become a powerful living being of pure electricity. The downside to this form is that it takes a lot of energy out of her and will result in her passing out when she returns to normal.

From Twilikinesis (Combination of Light and Darkness Manipulation);
- Healing Light
Able to heal oneself and others by using light.

- Light Infusion
Empowers and energizes a weapon or other objects with light.

- Light Ball
Able to summon spheres of light to attack.

- Light Projection
Able to generate various amount of light that could potentially blind someone temporarily.

- Dark Shield
Summons a shield of darkness as a defense.

- Shadow Barrier
Surrounds oneself and others in a barrier of darkness as a defense.

- Dark Aura
Able to surround oneself in darkness.

- Darkness Infusion
Empowers and energizes a weapon or other objects with darkness.

- Super Form: Dark Ariana
If she lets both her anger and her dark energy consume her, she would go into this form. While she's temporarily in this form, her attacks gain extra boost of power. However, the downsides to this form is that not only she becomes feral and will blindly start attacking the target in question like a wild animal, but she will not be able to access any of her light abilities, including Healing Light.

Personal Inventory:
- A silver heart-shaped locket pendant that contains a photo of her and her brother when they were children and her parents Luna and Lyon

Species Information:
A Nephalem is someone who is born as a hybrid of an angel and a demon.

Ariana the Echidna

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